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  • Introducing Kids Morning Adventure!

    So excited for this! After a year of work, I’m finally releasing my gamfication system for getting kids ready for school, called Kids Morning Adventure. It ended up being very similar to my RPG for kids, Kids Dungeon Adventure, but refined for the busy morning schedule.

  • List of Interesting Places in 8-Bit Google Maps

    I love the new retro 8-bit Google Maps, kind of an early April Fool’s joke. Just go to Google Maps and click “start quest.” It reminds me of old school Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior. Update: My memory is failing me a little. It’s not just a tribute to Dragon Warrior. All the tile graphics…

  • My low cost e-commerce stack

    Since I launched Dungeon Adventure, an RPG for kids, a few weeks ago a lot of people have asked me how exactly I’m selling it. It’s for sale as a digital download and print out board game, or “floor top RPG” as Phil Nelson called it. Here’s how it works: I have a hosting account…

  • The Dungeon Adventure: An RPG for Pre-Schoolers

    A while back Sasha and I were playing with some toys and I built a maze out of blocks. With the blocks we had, you couldn’t make a decent maze but it occured to me that our maze would make a decent D&D style dungeon. We had some of her figures walk through the maze…

  • Everything Bad is Good For You

    Parents can sometimes be appalled at the hypnotic effect that television has on toddlers; they see their otherwise active and vibrant children gazing silently, mouth agape at the screen, and they assume the worst: that television is turning their child into a zombie. The same feeling arises a few years later when they see their…

  • Famous Missions Review

    A mad bomber has planted a device in the building and you have to put together a team of experts to find the bomb and dismantle it. Do you call the bomb squad? A SWAT team? No, you call Gene Simmons, Mr T, and Albert Einstein. Famous Missions by Jason Tagmire is a new card…

  • Haley’s Comment

    My cousin Christa has a blog, which I believe she’s had for a while, but she’s been updating a lot so check it out!? She’s a self described board game geek and taught me how to play chess when I was a kid.

  • Odd Man In Problems

    Sorry Odd Man In fans, I’ve been having trouble locating the last few bugs from the server upgrade. One or more of my queries are failing because of some new reserved words in mySQL. I should be able to fix it soon, but in the mean time don’t start any of your games. If you…

  • Odd Man In Update

    Just a heads up, I’m aware that no private messages are being displayed in Odd Man In.? They’re all still there, but I haven’t figured out yet why they’re not showing up. Update: I found a similar problem on my dad’s site.? I figured out the issue and should be able to resolve it in…

  • Odd Man In Bug List

    I’m gearing up for a big update on Odd Man In.? If you know of any bugs, leave them in the comments here and I’ll make sure they get added.

  • Odd Man In issues

    I fixed an Odd Man In game that was busted for a few weeks. My apologies to everyone in that game. I think the game update script was interrupted causing the round to be halfway over and freezing the game.

  • Phils Can’t Get it Done

    Well, looks like the Phillies are now down 0-2 in the playoffs against the Rockies. It’s hard to come back from that in a five game series, but it would be nice to see them take at least one of the games in Colorado. In other news, this was a really nice gesture by the…

  • Phillies Win the NL East

    It’s been 14 long years since my freshman year of high school when the Phillies made the playoffs and eventually made it to the world series. I was a big baseball fan then, but the 1994 baseball strike and a string of absolutely horrendous records made yardwork look like a more exciting hobby. Baseball nearly…

  • Phillies Win, Mets Continue to Lose

    Wow. It must suck to be a Mets fan right now. The NL East is all tied up now.

  • Odd Man In game started

    I haven’t started an Odd Man In game in forever, mostly because I thought the players still into it were fine with the private games, but xorg (and my mom) has been bugging me to start a public game. Oddsmobile has begun and the first moves are due Monday.

  • Odd Man In messages

    Odd Man In has been around for almost three years now and in that time 226,337 messages have been sent back and forth between players. That’s hard to believe.

  • Cole Hamels married Survivor Amazon’s Heidi Strobel

    Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels just got married to Survivor Amazon’s Heidi Strobel.Another Phillies pitcher, Cole Hamels, is having better luck. He and new wife Heidi Strobel barely had time to recover from honeymoon jet lag before flying off to Clearwater, Fla., for spring training the other day. Theirs will be a commuter marriage for a…