Odd Man In Problems

Sorry Odd Man In fans, I’ve been having trouble locating the last few bugs from the server upgrade. One or more of my queries are failing because of some new reserved words in mySQL. I should be able to fix it soon, but in the mean time don’t start any of your games. If you already started your game, email me and I’ll unstart it.

Update: I think they’re all fixed now.


4 responses to “Odd Man In Problems”

  1. mtjaws Avatar

    It appears that everything with the game part is working now. But, the clock is still three hours fast. It computes at midnight fine, but all messages are listed with that later time. Any chance of fixing that clock without messing up the midnight processing time?

    Thanks again for everything.

  2. Ok, the time offset was a fix I put in on the old server that was unneeded on the new one. I removed it.

  3. mtjaws Avatar

    Fixing that time issue caused another one now. The countdown clock until the next deadline is now 3 hours ahead of where it should be, counting down until 9pm. The shots still went at midnight though. Any way to synchronize all the clocks?

  4. Fixed.