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  • Best Things this Year (2017)

    Every year I write a recap of things I did and enjoyed. 2017 was packed. I re-read my 2016 recap and there’s a lot of despair, but I’m glad it didn’t slow me down. Maybe it was motivating. TV / Movies Twin Peaks: The Return Silicon Valley The Leftovers The Big Sick Coco Get Out…

  • Introducing Kids Morning Adventure!

    So excited for this! After a year of work, I’m finally releasing my gamfication system for getting kids ready for school, called Kids Morning Adventure. It ended up being very similar to my RPG for kids, Kids Dungeon Adventure, but refined for the busy morning schedule.

  • Best Things This Year (2013)

    Anecdotally, it seems like a lot of people shook up their lives in 2013. I certainly did. Here are the best things that happened to me in 2013. 1. RJMetrics – In March I started working at RJMetrics, an e-commerce data analytics firm in center city Philadelphia. Leaving Garvey Corp was a difficult decision, but…

  • World’s Tiniest Minecraft Island

    Sasha and I have been playing Minecraft lately and looking out in the ocean we saw something interesting. It turned out to be the world’s tiniest island. Interesting side note about Minecraft: Each world is generated randomly and cover 9 million times the surface area of the Earth!

  • List of Interesting Places in 8-Bit Google Maps

    I love the new retro 8-bit Google Maps, kind of an early April Fool’s joke. Just go to Google Maps and click “start quest.” It reminds me of old school Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior. Update: My memory is failing me a little. It’s not just a tribute to Dragon Warrior. All the tile graphics…

  • Rock the Animals Theme Song

    Sasha and I recorded a theme song for Rock the Animals today. Enjoy! Ben and Sasha Garvey – Rock the Animals

  • GeekDad Reviews the Dungeon Adventure

    So the response to Dungeon Adventure have been pretty overwhelming. A few key highlights: 1. Sales of Dungeon Adventure exceeded my wife’s lifetime projection for it in about 12 hours. 2. I told Sasha, “Hey we sold 10 copies!” and she said, “cool! What’s a copy?” 3. I’ve already heard from a number of people…

  • The Dungeon Adventure: An RPG for Pre-Schoolers

    A while back Sasha and I were playing with some toys and I built a maze out of blocks. With the blocks we had, you couldn’t make a decent maze but it occured to me that our maze would make a decent D&D style dungeon. We had some of her figures walk through the maze…

  • Odd Man In Login Issues

    A few of you emailed me about the login issues on Odd Man In and I’ve decided to unlink it for now on the main site until I get it fixed.

  • Famous Missions Review

    A mad bomber has planted a device in the building and you have to put together a team of experts to find the bomb and dismantle it. Do you call the bomb squad? A SWAT team? No, you call Gene Simmons, Mr T, and Albert Einstein. Famous Missions by Jason Tagmire is a new card…

  • OMI Issues

    Attention OMI players. I’m aware of an issue in the game Odd Just Don’t Believe It. Looks like someone is able to shoot twice and I’m trying to figure out why. Update: I brought Mr Chocolate back to life. I think I know what the problem was.

  • Odd Man In Problems

    Sorry Odd Man In fans, I’ve been having trouble locating the last few bugs from the server upgrade. One or more of my queries are failing because of some new reserved words in mySQL. I should be able to fix it soon, but in the mean time don’t start any of your games. If you…

  • Odd Man In Update

    Just a heads up, I’m aware that no private messages are being displayed in Odd Man In.? They’re all still there, but I haven’t figured out yet why they’re not showing up. Update: I found a similar problem on my dad’s site.? I figured out the issue and should be able to resolve it in…

  • Odd Man In Bug List

    I’m gearing up for a big update on Odd Man In.? If you know of any bugs, leave them in the comments here and I’ll make sure they get added.

  • You know what would be awesome?

    If in India they played Sitar Hero.

  • Odd Man In issues

    I fixed an Odd Man In game that was busted for a few weeks. My apologies to everyone in that game. I think the game update script was interrupted causing the round to be halfway over and freezing the game.

  • Odd Man In game started

    I haven’t started an Odd Man In game in forever, mostly because I thought the players still into it were fine with the private games, but xorg (and my mom) has been bugging me to start a public game. Oddsmobile has begun and the first moves are due Monday.

  • Rogan?

    This video was highly enjoyable for me. Brian is probably the only person who reads this site that ever played Age of Empires though.

  • Dude_____

    As most of you know I’m a big fan of Jason Zahn’s world famous GameShow. I submitted a bunch of possible word ideas two years ago and today one of my phrases made it’s way to the game: Dude____ I’ve gotten so much crap for this word today.

  • Odd Man In messages

    Odd Man In has been around for almost three years now and in that time 226,337 messages have been sent back and forth between players. That’s hard to believe.