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  • Family Mystery: Solved!

    Family Mystery: Solved!

    In every family tree there are squirrelly branches. There are stories, legends, secrets, and it’s hard to tell what is real and what was exaggerated for the sake of a better story. For me, one of those stories was the reputed last name of my great grandfather. My father’s, mother’s father’s last name was Delpino,…

  • Creating a comma separated list

    For years, whenever I have to create a comma separated list from an array I have been writing code that looks vaguely like this. $first = true; foreach($arr as $m) { if ($first) { $first = false; } else { echo “,”; } echo $m; } I’ve had it. There has to be a cleaner…

  • Spam as Spoken Word Poetry

    This spam I got today on our lead generation form could easily pass for spoken word poetry at an open mic night. He ran another invisible priest eyes in the sneakers from the shorts with sky – arms, sardonic cigarettes and outward clinch’s, and he a was almost stiffly of area, finally just for moment. Like i…

  • Robot Dance Party

    Sasha and I tried to film a Robot Dance Party. I’d call it a partial success.

  • Playing this Friday the 13th @ The Auction House

    This Friday I’m opening up for Audizen and the Atomic Square this Friday at Audubon’s Auction House Loft. I’ll be playing at 8:00PM and doors open at 7:30. Also, the Atomic Square is now one of my favorite bands ever for making this AWESOME FLYER: 100 West Merchant Street Audubon NJ 08106

  • Cutie Theater: Episode V

    The long awaited episode of Cutie Theater is here! We pick up where Episode IV left off. The Robots have been defeated and things are looking good in Cutie Land… or are they? If you haven’t watched Cutie Theater before, get caught up before watching Episode V. Michaela, McKenzie, Jeanne and I worked really hard…

  • Monkey Waiters in Japan

    Ok, this is awesome.

  • Cake Wrecks

    It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed this hard at a website. ?Who would have though botched and ugly cakes could be this funny. Here’s one of my favorites: I’m not really sure what the “20th” denotes: 20 years of being a “dad”? 20 “children”? Or maybe the cake is for the 20th “dad”…

  • Hooters Table

    Jeanne has been knocking it out of the park on her new blog, MustSeeLikeNew!? I have five words for you: New Jersey Shaped Hooters Table

  • MustSeeLikeNew!!!

    Jeanne and I are huge craigslist fans and she loves scavenging through the furniture section looking for deals and fixer uppers.? We have two beautiful pieces in our dining room that she’s found that you would swear cost four times what we actually paid for them.? Of course, being in South Jersey, the furniture scene…