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  • Everything Bad is Good For You

    Parents can sometimes be appalled at the hypnotic effect that television has on toddlers; they see their otherwise active and vibrant children gazing silently, mouth agape at the screen, and they assume the worst: that television is turning their child into a zombie. The same feeling arises a few years later when they see their…

  • Best Season of Survivor Ever

    Survivor’s 20th season was?undoubtedly?it’s best because it showed the game of Survivor is still misunderstood by most people who play it, giving people who do a huge advantage. ? This season also asked (and answered!) some great questions. Did Sandra deserve to win? I think Parvati should have won, but Sandra certainly deserved to win.…

  • Hole in the Wall

    What the? This is actually coming to the US, too!

  • Amanda

    Is Amanda Kimmel the most tragically flawed Survivor player? She spent 78 days in China and Mironesia without ever getting voted off, but no million dollar prize. She has the strongest social game of any player I can think of, but can’t communicate the worthiness of that skill to the jury. The players who voted…

  • More TV Show Themes

    I also really liked this versions of the Gummi Bears theme by Into It / Over It And I know everyone secretly has wondered to themselves, “What would it sound like if Stacy Brown sang the Mr Belvedere theme?” Well we are in luck (She’s hiding behind the piano). See the rest here.

  • Auction House

    I’m really sorry I bailed out of the Auction House gig at the last minute.? I got tied up at work and wasn’t able to make it out.? I will be playing at their next theme night on April 17th and the theme is TV theme songs.

  • Free Radio

    Most trends are easy to spot in hindsight, so now it definitely seems as though fake-realism has overtaken situational comedy as shown on the Office, Colbert, Ali-G, etc. The latest in this trend is VH1’s Free Radio, starring Lance Krall and Anna Vocino as a pair of radio talk show DJ’s who take over after…

  • Happy Days

    When I was a kid and watched Happy Days, I honestly didn’t realize it was a retro-show. I thought it was filmed in the 50s and reflected the times. That makes me feel somewhat moronic.

  • Sopranos Finale

    Note:? It’s been weeks since I first watched the last episode of the Sopranos and I’ve been working on this post forever.? It’s taken me forever to write it and I may edit it later, but for now, here it is! Journey? At this point I have to take a second look at everything I’ve…

  • Lebron on SNL

    I loved this skit, if only because the glove box on my car is stuck down.