Free Radio

Most trends are easy to spot in hindsight, so now it definitely seems as though fake-realism has overtaken situational comedy as shown on the Office, Colbert, Ali-G, etc. The latest in this trend is VH1’s Free Radio, starring Lance Krall and Anna Vocino as a pair of radio talk show DJ’s who take over after their star morning jock leaves unexpectedly for satellite radio. Lance, previously the station’s intern, has no idea what he’s doing but in the world of amateur success we live in today the show becomes a hit.

Lance Krall from Free Radio

Free Radio seems like an Ali-G style interview show, but in this case all the celebrities are in on the jokes. Still, I think it works despite missing the humiliation factor. What’s really funny are the questions that Lance decides (or doesn’t decide) to ask. I loved when he asked what the big deal was about “Ugly Betty” since there has always been shows with ugly stars, such as Roseanne or the Golden Girls.

Here’s the trailer:

This American Life

I know I’m late to the party on this, but how brilliant is This American Life? While most shows are about extraordinary events and people, This American Life examines the lives of mundane, ordinary people. They take the time required to find out things like why summer camp is like a cult, or that the simple tale of a family moving to the country might be the most depressing thing you’ve ever heard… at least until you hear Betsy Walters talk about her parents’ divorce. Throw in David Sedaris trying to solve the mystery of who secretly wiped shit on their bathroom towels and you have the greatest radio show I’ve ever heard.

Ira Glass

Ira Glass, host of This American Life
(also, the only person in radio who’s voice matches their face exactly)