Odd Man In Bug List

I’m gearing up for a big update on Odd Man In.? If you know of any bugs, leave them in the comments here and I’ll make sure they get added.


6 responses to “Odd Man In Bug List”

  1. When there’s a tie, can the money be split between the winners or be returned to the owner, instead of going into a common pot?

  2. This was originally intentional, but I believe it was before there was user created games. I think I might either add more tiebreakers or change something else.

  3. If possible, add a confirmation for messages being sent to everyone as opposed to an individual player. Such a confirmation could be set as a personal preference so those that don’t mistakenly send public messages won’t be annoyed at the extra click. I know I’ve lost a few games from missending, and would have such an option always on.

  4. Will the tribe concept be put into place?

    And is there any way you can jumpstart a game (like Exile Oddland) when the host goes awol?