Open Mic @ The Auction House

It took me a few months, but I finally made it out to the new open mic that is literally about 2 blocks from my house.? Audubon’s Auction House on Merchant Street now has a weekly open mic night on Wednesdays hosted by Russ.? There were about 50 people there!

I ended up going on 2nd to last, but I got to see some good acts.? Jerry Thompson is one of my new favorites.? He writes interesting songs that don’t fit into traditional categories or fall into the typical trappings of folk music.? I also loved a song written by another performer about selling his soul to the devil for pop tarts.? I can’t remember his name though!? Does anyone know it?


One response to “Open Mic @ The Auction House”

  1. I’m late in responding, but The pop-tart song is the infamous creation of Rob Whitekettle. Did Gerry cover it this night? That I have not seen.
    Hey Ben!
    Come to Studio LuLoo tonight