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  • Odd Man In Problems

    Sorry Odd Man In fans, I’ve been having trouble locating the last few bugs from the server upgrade. One or more of my queries are failing because of some new reserved words in mySQL. I should be able to fix it soon, but in the mean time don’t start any of your games. If you…

  • Odd Man In Update

    Just a heads up, I’m aware that no private messages are being displayed in Odd Man In.? They’re all still there, but I haven’t figured out yet why they’re not showing up. Update: I found a similar problem on my dad’s site.? I figured out the issue and should be able to resolve it in…

  • Odd Man In Bug List

    I’m gearing up for a big update on Odd Man In.? If you know of any bugs, leave them in the comments here and I’ll make sure they get added.

  • Odd Man In issues

    I fixed an Odd Man In game that was busted for a few weeks. My apologies to everyone in that game. I think the game update script was interrupted causing the round to be halfway over and freezing the game.

  • Odd Man In game started

    I haven’t started an Odd Man In game in forever, mostly because I thought the players still into it were fine with the private games, but xorg (and my mom) has been bugging me to start a public game. Oddsmobile has begun and the first moves are due Monday.

  • Odd Man In messages

    Odd Man In has been around for almost three years now and in that time 226,337 messages have been sent back and forth between players. That’s hard to believe.

  • Fixed Odd Man In problems on the new site

    I thought I had everything figured out when I went live with the new WordPress powered blog, but it turns out that everything in PostNuke gets routed through the index.php file. I was able to work around it, so all the problems with Odd Man In and everything else should be fixed. Let me know…

  • New Site Design

    Lke it? Hate it? Odd Man In should work fine now, so let me know if there are additional problems.

  • Odd Man In

    As most of the OMI players know, things with the game have been pretty screwy lately. This is because of my computer being out of commission and my (semi) automatic way of making sure the shots go through. Well, it looks like my host now supports cron which is great news for OMI players. I…