Tag: Software

  • Best Things This Year (2018)

    What a year, huh? A favorite comic of mine talks about how we don’t live one life, but eleven and this was the last year of my 5th life. 2018 was one of my best years, but at times it was the the saddest and most difficult. So much ended and so many new things…

  • 10 Things I’m Doing After Reading The Principles of Product Development Flow

    A few weeks ago I showed this slide during a talk I gave to clients of RJMetrics. The Goal is legendary in my family as a guide for unlocking throughput in manufacturing. Garvey Corp’s entire business model is helping companies exploit constraints and increase profits. It got me off to a great start in manufacturing,…

  • Launched: Evidensity for Highrise

    For the last few weeks I’ve been working on a new analytical dashboard tool for Highrise and it finally launches today! Read about it here. In the launch post I talk about what makes Evidensity different from other tools and my worldview on sales dashboards: Some people don’t want customizable line graphs They want actionable…

  • Odd Man In Bug List

    I’m gearing up for a big update on Odd Man In.? If you know of any bugs, leave them in the comments here and I’ll make sure they get added.

  • Looking for a good (free) FTP client for OSX

    So far I’ve been using the free version of Cyberduck, and it’s painfully slow. Anyone know of a good, free FTP client for Mac OSX?

  • Javascript needs…

    I’m writing some JavaScript at the moment and you know what it needs? 1. Multiline strings 2. An inline concatenation operator such as += Anything else?

  • Gameshow is 5

    Happy fifth birthday GameShow! You still find a way to frustrate me daily.

  • Thunderbird 2.0

    Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0 was released today. It’s the greates email client I know of, so check it out. I’m not sure what all the improvements are, but so far I see message tagging and a cleaner interface.

  • Google Personalized Home Page

    I really love Google’s personalized home page. Log in and you can add various little widgets to your home page like a To Do list, calendar, wikipedia search, weather, etc. Check out this screen cap of my page:

  • Photo Booth Pics

    Michaela, McKenzie and I had fun with OSX’s Photo Booth. Warning: Some of them are really weird. Watch the slideshow.