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  • Announcing Lineage: A Family Tree Data Expression Engine

    Announcing Lineage: A Family Tree Data Expression Engine

    Last week at the Philly JS Dev meetup, I demoed a new project I’ve been working on called Lineage. It all started as a way to try and visualize all the research my Aunt Peggy has done over the last 50 years. Using D3, I was able to build a way to search, filter and…

  • Best Things this Year (2011)

    Here are some best things I’ve come across this year. Not all are new, or even new to me, but they kicked ass in 2011 1. Kids Dungeon Adventure – A floortop RPG for pre-school age kids and their geeky parent(s). What started out as a little game with my daughter grew into a full…

  • My low cost e-commerce stack

    Since I launched Dungeon Adventure, an RPG for kids, a few weeks ago a lot of people have asked me how exactly I’m selling it. It’s for sale as a digital download and print out board game, or “floor top RPG” as Phil Nelson called it. Here’s how it works: I have a hosting account…

  • New Adventures in HTML5

    In the last year I started hearing a lot of hype about html5. So far I’ve been impressed. They’ve clearly expanded it to become more of a platform for rich graphics. Here are some cool projects I’ve worked (or am working) on. Sparklines in HTML5 HTML5 Ball Bouncing HTML5 Gravity Ball Rock the Animals (Beta)

  • Increasing Data Density in Web Design

    I changed the layout on this site in response to what I took away from my session with Ed Tufte. Here’s an applicable quote from Tufte: Whatever reasonably serves the content, avoids non-content pixels (including navigation and designer pixels) as much as possible, favors user scanning over substantial amounts of material rather than premature linking,…

  • Chart Junk

    I started yet another Tumblr that eventually I will link into this site. I post example of crappy charts and graphs. Check it out: Chart Junk

  • Net Neutrality and the Railroad Business

    Here’s a perfect explanation of why Net Neutrality matters, why it should be enforced by the FCC, and how it’s been done in the past. I wish I could link directly to the comment, but Wired offered no way to do that. A comment on Why Google Became A Carrier-Humping, Net Neutrality Surrender Monkey: posted…

  • Yard Sale Tips

    I was quote in this article about yard sales. Thanks Jen!: Garvey advises that you clean and dust everything before you put it out. Interacting with your shoppers helps, too. “Be friendly! Say hello, chat them up, and they’re far more likely to buy something from you.”

  • People Wearing My Sunglasses

    My new awesome Tumblr blog:

  • Why You Should Try Twitter

    Twitter isn’t for everyone. A lot has been written about it’s slowing growth, but part of that is because the stats don’t include 3rd party apps. Still, I think Twitter has limited appeal depending on what you want to get out of your time online. For most people, facebook does everything they’d want a social…