Why You Should Try Twitter

Twitter isn’t for everyone. A lot has been written about it’s slowing growth, but part of that is because the stats don’t include 3rd party apps. Still, I think Twitter has limited appeal depending on what you want to get out of your time online. For most people, facebook does everything they’d want a social networking site to do. I love Twitter, and if you’re looking for the following you might love it to.

Have you tried Twitter?

Twitter is great for:

  • Interacting with people you don’t already know
  • Finding people who share common interests and ideas
  • Meeting people who live near you
  • Meeting people who live where you’re traveling to
  • Crowdsourcing questions that are difficult to answer with google
  • Participating in online discussions that don’t destroy part of your soul (I’m glad we found something better than message boards).
  • Interacting directly with brands, celebrities, and people you look up to
  • Finding links to interesting stories
  • Hearing about news the instant it happens

Twitter does all these well and most are either impossible or difficult on facebook. Facebook is great for checking out pics of your friends and family, for remembering their birthdays, and for reconnecting with old friends after losing their email address. Twitter is better at expanding that network of friends.