Twitter Tip: Use Favorites as Bookmarks

The most neglected feature of Twitter has to be favorites. It’s not used for much and none of the clients do anything interesting with them. Unlike Facebook’s “like,” categorizing a tweet as a “favorite” seems like a big commitment and the new Retweet features seem to support the concept better anyway. So what do you do with favorites? I use them as bookmarks. Most of my tweet reading is done on my phone and there are a lot of interesting links posted that I don’t have time to read. I favorite them, allowing me to look them up at a later date. It’s a simple idea that instantly improved the value I was getting from Twitter.

Check out my twitter favorites.


One response to “Twitter Tip: Use Favorites as Bookmarks”

  1. I think one of my particular problems is the fact that I abuse the favorites feature as a “to read” or “bookmarks” – I kind of wish they’d create a “read later” or “to read” feature that functions exactly like Favorites.

    Favorites, I’d rather keep as what I think is intended- saving the tweets I like best, usually funny ones.

    However, there’s many people and accounts out there that are pretty much link feeders, in which case I’d get a lot of use out of a “to read for later” option.