Month: January 2005

  • Terms and Conditions

    When you join a game of Odd Man In, you agree to abide by the following rules and conditions. Breaking these rules may result in being banned from current and/or future games. 1. Any message sent publicly or privately must not be obscene, offensive, racist, or sexually graphic. Taunting is allowed, but keep it within…

  • Snood Dude is a Millionaire

    You or someone you love has probably faced a Snood addiction problem at some point in their life. It’s the weird game where you shoot grimacing monster faces at similar colored monster faces, knocking them all down before the ceiling collapses on you. Personally, I don’t like it all that much but I know a…

  • Damn You Rug Burn

    I was leading for about half of this month’s GameShow until my phrase completion skills completely ran out. I thought “rug” would be the most common word to complete _____ burn. Only 7/58 agreed and now I’m in 4th place.

  • Top 5 Words I Have Trouble Spelling

    I don’t think I’m a bad speller, but there are certain words I look up every time I use. Are there two r’s? Are there two c’s? Do I keep the e when I add able to the end? These are the top five words I can’t remember how to spell. Don’t be surprised if…

  • God Bless You

    I’m a big fan of Penny Arcade, but most of their humor doesn’t have wide appeal. This brilliant comic does. My favorite part is that Jesus says, “Oh shits!”

  • Marc Hogan Bitchslaps Tegan and Sara

    I’ll admit, I sort of like Tegan and Sara’s Walking with a Ghost, but I have to give it up to Pitchfork’s Marc Hogan (not to be confused with the smart brother on the Hogan Family) for murdering it with such style.The first single from So Jealous, “Walking With a Ghost”, sounds like one of…

  • Best Snowmen Ever

    Some guy recreated a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon.

  • Last Chance to Join

    This is your last chance to join One Shot is Not Enough, the next game of Odd Man In. It starts in about 2 hours! The game has begun!

  • Happy Birthday Jeanne

    Happy birthday to my wonderful wife, even if it is supposedly the worst day of the year.

  • Go Birds

    As everyone knows this is the Eagles’ 4th NFC Championship game in 4 years. A loss today would be a huge failure. Good thing the Falcons suck. Update: Woooooo! Update #2: This Eagles song is hilarious.