Terms and Conditions

When you join a game of Odd Man In, you agree to abide by the following rules and conditions. Breaking these rules may result in being banned from current and/or future games.

1. Any message sent publicly or privately must not be obscene, offensive, racist, or sexually graphic. Taunting is allowed, but keep it within the boundaries I’ve described. Pretend your mom is playing the game. Mine actually is. Harassing other players by filling up their page with messages is also forbidden.

2. I reluctantly added a curse filter to the game, but right now it only filters out two words. I don’t think I’ll add any more, but don’t try to get around the filter by using alternate spellings.

3. Using multiple accounts is strictly forbidden and will get your accounts deleted and banned from future games.

4. Revealing your identity and talking with another player outside of the game is strictly forbidden and will also get your accounts deleted and banned from future games. You can tell someone you are (or were) in the game and in most cases it’s ok to tell someone if you are dead, but that’s it.

5. Posting gibberish messages is forbidden. Gibberish is defined as a post with no meaning or one with the intention of pushing another message down in the queue.