Damn You Rug Burn

I was leading for about half of this month’s GameShow until my phrase completion skills completely ran out. I thought “rug” would be the most common word to complete _____ burn. Only 7/58 agreed and now I’m in 4th place.


6 responses to “Damn You Rug Burn”

  1. Rug? RUG!!!!!

    heh heh

    Hey there was no way I thought “Insurance” would be the _____Policy. And I’m a damn insurance agent!

    I fully expect to see ya in first place after today!

  2. Doubtful.

  3. Hard to run the table. I’ve seen many a contestant take it wire-to-two-days-before-wire, but it’s hard to lead the whole month AND bring it home. Do as I do, keep telling yourself that there’s always next month.

  4. Jeanne has been making fun of me the last few days because I was so cocky all month.

  5. DaytonaDave Avatar

    I once led from day one all month, only to lose in last two or three days.

    Not as much fun as winning (I hear) but still an accomplishment to be proud of.

    As for ‘there’s always next month’, take it from me. You will find a way to lose next month too.


  6. What if I get hit by a bus next month? What if I get thrown in jail with no Internet access?