Top 5 Words I Have Trouble Spelling

I don’t think I’m a bad speller, but there are certain words I look up every time I use. Are there two r’s? Are there two c’s? Do I keep the e when I add able to the end? These are the top five words I can’t remember how to spell. Don’t be surprised if I misspell one in this post.

5. Caribbean – I want to put another r in there so badly.
3. & 4. Separate and Desperate – For some reason, I always mix up which has the e in the middle and which one has the a. I know they sound different, but in my head they sound the same.
2. Embarrass – The double r followed by an “a or e” dilemma kills me every time.
1. Recommendation – The single c and two m’s has fooled me at least a thousand times. I use the word so frequently on this site that I should have the definition bookmarked.


2 responses to “Top 5 Words I Have Trouble Spelling”

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    I had to look up separate in today.

  2. I usally plug it into google and it says to me, “Do you mean separate, dumbass?”