New Beck Album – Geuro

Hell. Yes.

Title? Guero.
When? March 29th.
Dust Brotjers? Check.
Leaked? Supposedly all over the Internet.

Track List?
01 E-Pro
02 Que Onda Guero
03 Girl
04 Missing
05 Black Tambourine
06 Earthquake Weather
07 Hell Yes
08 Broken Drum
09 Scarecrow
10 Go it Alone
11 Farewell Ride
12 Rental Car
13 Emergency Exit

More details? pitchfork
End to this idiotic post style? Ok.

What’s really weird is that I wrote “Hell. Yes.” before I realized that was one of the song titles. Spooky.


2 responses to “New Beck Album – Geuro”

  1. It comes out on my birfday! Maybe I should tell my mom..

  2. You should!