Random Thoughts and Notes

This game of Odd Man In seems to be going well. It’s down to the final 11 and we should see a winner by early next week. I recently fixed some minor bugs here and there and I added the ability to view the last 50, 75 and 100 messages. I have lots of features I need to add, but next up on the list are smarter and more configurable email notification settings and a message board. I just want to get the message board working from a single login between this site and the board.

Who’s winning this month’s GameShow? Yeah, that’s right.

Twin Peaks is one of the best shows ever.

These have to be the creepiest pictures ever.

These are some of my favorite photos on Flickr.

Go birds.


2 responses to “Random Thoughts and Notes”

  1. vermillian Avatar

    Oh my heck. Now I know where my friend Avery got the idea for his bar mitzvah pictures.

  2. Who would put Bill Gates in Teen Beat magazine?