Weezer Night at the Auction House

Audubon’s Auction House continued on with their Themed Thursdays, where one Thursday of the month is devoted to local musicians playing songs with a common theme. This month it was Weezer, and I hobbled together a cover of Say it Ain’t So. In learning the full song I realized half the lyrics I thought I knew were wrong. I though it was, “Somebody’s hiding, down in my icebox” instead of “Somebody’s Heinie is crowding my icebox.” Sometimes the actual lyrics are stranger than you thought they were.

I was glad to hear Jeff Bruckner’s profanity infused cover of Jamie, which can be found on DGC Rarities. It’s a great compilation, but I’ll warn you: It contains Eggman on the Beach by Counting Crows. You’ve been warned!

John Shaughnessy also made it out to play a nice cover of Perfect Situation.


3 responses to “Weezer Night at the Auction House”

  1. Say it Ain’t so sounds great Ben. I like the whistling!

  2. Thanks.

  3. Bridget Avatar

    I loved it! nice cover, Ben.