Weezer Night at the Auction House

Audubon’s Auction House continued on with their Themed Thursdays, where one Thursday of the month is devoted to local musicians playing songs with a common theme. This month it was Weezer, and I hobbled together a cover of Say it Ain’t So. In learning the full song I realized half the lyrics I thought I knew were wrong. I though it was, “Somebody’s hiding, down in my icebox” instead of “Somebody’s Heinie is crowding my icebox.” Sometimes the actual lyrics are stranger than you thought they were.

I was glad to hear Jeff Bruckner’s profanity infused cover of Jamie, which can be found on DGC Rarities. It’s a great compilation, but I’ll warn you: It contains Eggman on the Beach by Counting Crows. You’ve been warned!

John Shaughnessy also made it out to play a nice cover of Perfect Situation.

Studio LuLoo Show Saturday!

I’ll be playing tomorrow as part of the “Acoustic Happy Hour” Studio Luloo benefit show.? It starts at 4:30PM and goes until 11:00PM who knows when, and I will be playing sometime between 4:30PM and 7:00PM.? Here are some additional details about who else will be playing.

Saturday, April 5th





John Shaughnessy, Brian Mullins, Stacey Brown, Rob Whitekettle, YearLongDay, Erik Mitchell, Ben Garvey, Sara O?Brien, Jacob Graff, Gerry Thompson, Kyle McGill & more?



Bevin Caulfield & Adrien Reju

Ben Arnold, Don McCloskey, Soul Peace, Smash Palace

Tickets are $10 at the door and it’s located two doors down from Froggies liquors on the White Horse Pike.? See you there!

Luloo Benefit Show

Studio Luloo benefit show on April 5th

I’ll be playing as part of the singer-songwriter kickoff to the Studio Luloo benefit show on April 5th!? It’s in support of the space itself to try and keep the doors open.? Also there will be a ridiculous number of performers including Johnny Miles, yearlongday, Brian Mullins, John Shaughnessy, Rob Whitekettle, Sara O’Brien, Steve Goldstein, Stacey Brown, Bevin Caulfield, Adrien Reju(!), Don McCloskey, Ben Arnold, Soul Peace, and Smash Palace.

Here’s a link to the flyer.

Studio Luloo is a great local music venue, so come on out and support it.

I’ll also be playing at the Audubon Auction House’s on March 27th, but only for one song.? They’re having a Beatles cover night and I’m playing I’m So Tired.

Super Tuesday! NJ Primary Voting Rules

So, you want to vote in tomorrow’s primary election? Here is how (source):

1. Are you registered to vote?
Yes: Good.
No: You can’t vote in tomorrow’s primary, but use this as a good reminder and register!

2. Have you voted in a primary before?
Yes: You can vote for your declared party. If you want to switch parties you can, but not before this election.
No: You can vote for whichever party you want, but you will have to declare your party at the polling station.

3. How do I change my party?
You have to file to change your party 50 days before the date of the primary.