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  • Playing @ Studio Luloo on Tuesday

    I’m the featured artist this week at Studio Luloo’s open mic night. If you’ve never been to their weekly event, use this as a good excuse to check it out. It’s at 916 white horse pike in Oaklyn, NJ across from Froggies liquor. It’s BYOB and has tons of great musicians, poets, and performers.

  • Featured Artist March 10th @ Studio Luloo

    I’ll be the featured artist on March 10th at Studio Luloo’s open mic. Studio Luloo is on the white horse pike in Oaklyn, NJ. Be there!

  • Weezer Night at the Auction House

    Audubon’s Auction House continued on with their Themed Thursdays, where one Thursday of the month is devoted to local musicians playing songs with a common theme. This month it was Weezer, and I hobbled together a cover of Say it Ain’t So. In learning the full song I realized half the lyrics I thought I…

  • Cigar Box Guitar Festival

    Last night was the Cigar Box Guitar Music Festival at the Auction House. Jerry Thompson’s Color of Skies blew the hoo de doo off the place as well as great performances by Timothy, One String Willie, and Shane Spear. Awesome time! Here’s One String Willie from his show at Luloo’s last year.

  • Thanks!

    Thanks to everyone who came out to support the Studio Luloo show last week.? I had more fun than I have had at a show in forever.? Let’s hope we’re able to do it again soon.

  • Studio LuLoo Show Saturday!

    I’ll be playing tomorrow as part of the “Acoustic Happy Hour” Studio Luloo benefit show.? It starts at 4:30PM and goes until 11:00PM who knows when, and I will be playing sometime between 4:30PM and 7:00PM.? Here are some additional details about who else will be playing. Saturday, April 5th ? 4pm-7pm Acoustic HAPPY HOUR…

  • Auction House

    I’m really sorry I bailed out of the Auction House gig at the last minute.? I got tied up at work and wasn’t able to make it out.? I will be playing at their next theme night on April 17th and the theme is TV theme songs.

  • Studio Luloo benefit show on April 5th

    I’ll be playing as part of the singer-songwriter kickoff to the Studio Luloo benefit show on April 5th!? It’s in support of the space itself to try and keep the doors open.? Also there will be a ridiculous number of performers including Johnny Miles, yearlongday, Brian Mullins, John Shaughnessy, Rob Whitekettle, Sara O’Brien, Steve Goldstein,…

  • So Long marsRED facebook group

    I started a group on facebook in honor of marsRED

  • Super Tuesday! NJ Primary Voting Rules

    So, you want to vote in tomorrow’s primary election? Here is how (source): 1. Are you registered to vote? Yes: Good. No: You can’t vote in tomorrow’s primary, but use this as a good reminder and register! 2. Have you voted in a primary before? Yes: You can vote for your declared party. If you…

  • Vineland Music Festival

    Has anyone heard about this?? They seem to be keeping the list of bands a secret, but if it’s any good I might go.? Interestingly enough I’ve had to go to Vineland twice for work this week to the Progresso plant down there.

  • Idiot or Insane Person

    Ballot question #4 in the NJ election is my favorite ever. Amends the State Constitution to replace the phrase “idiot or insane person” with “person who has been adjudicated by a court of competent jurisdiction to lack the capacity to understand the act of voting,” in regards to whom may be denied the right to…

  • Open Mic Recap @ The Living Room

    The Living Room has a great mix of regular performers these days, although I’d like to see someone new once and a while. The inbreeding is getting a little rampant and I think someone needs to come in and throw something new into the show. I think my favorite point of the night was when…

  • Open Mic Recap @ The Living Room

    I was the featured artist yesterday at the Living Room’s open mic and overall the show went pretty well. My sound was a little screwy at times, but that happens. I played a new song called “DRM Sucks” about how Digital Rights Management could possibly invade our privacy and limit our freedoms, but unfortunately the…