Open Mic Recap @ The Living Room

I was the featured artist yesterday at the Living Room’s open mic and overall the show went pretty well. My sound was a little screwy at times, but that happens. I played a new song called “DRM Sucks” about how Digital Rights Management could possibly invade our privacy and limit our freedoms, but unfortunately the only thing that sucked was the song itself. Poor sound, crappy songs: Sounds like a great gig so far doesn’t it? The rest of my set was fine, although I was sweating like a filthy animal up there in the 100 degree weather. My set list was as follows:

“The Genius of it All”
“I Hope I Die on the Moon”
“Why Now Satan?”
“DRM Sucks”
“All My Dreams are in Cartoon”
“The Cut in Half Blues” by Beck
“Get Miles” by Gomez

Great performances were put on by Keith, Roz, Jason, Willie, Maria, Matt and of course, Adrien, who ripped out an amazing cover of “Walk Like an Egyptian” in the honor of her fourteen year old Bangles t-shirt. Matt took about 2 hours to tune his guitar up there, but I always like his stuff so I didn’t mind.

What’s up with the guy who always comes in wearing those tiny grey cut off sweat pants shorts that are beyond tight? He semi-heckles the performers and distracts people with his package practically busting through his shorts.

I don’t have any more gigs lined up, but that’s ok with me for now. I got a little burned out promoting the last one and I think I’m going to try and write a ton of songs. I should be able to get at least a one worth playing.