Open Mic Recap @ The Living Room

The Living Room has a great mix of regular performers these days, although I’d like to see someone new once and a while. The inbreeding is getting a little rampant and I think someone needs to come in and throw something new into the show. I think my favorite point of the night was when four youngish teenagers came in wearing sunglasses at 9:30PM. I thought to myself, “These guys need to start a band and call themselves the Fishstick Overlords. That would be great.”

I saw Girl Upstairs for the 2nd time last night and they seemed a lot more solid. I loved their last song and hope it was an original. Somewhere along the way Maria has gone from a quiet performer to someone I wait to hear play/speak every night. I like hearing people get better over time. Roz King, Mike Scanlon, and Keith Lewis’s new band “W Bench” did some great stuff although the keyboard was really drowned out. James Collins played some great covers, but I’d really like to hear what this guy’s own material sounds like. Jack Sparks did a couple of covers as well, including “Hey Jealousy” by the Gin Blossoms. I can’t stand the song, but it reminded me of when I saw them at the Y-100 Feztival years ago. They were horrible live and I think Jack did their song better than they did. Willie Tapps has a show this Saturday at the Living Room (8:30 – 11:00PM). Adrien and Cathy are opening up for him and I assume playing during his break. I won’t be able to make it, but it should be a good show.

I played “Thesis” and “Why Now Satan?” And honestly, Why now?