Open Mic Recap @ the GSP

The GSP open mic hasn’t been this good in a long time. Adrien drove up with me to Grape Street for the first time and she sounded amazing as usual. Jeremy Hollis’s song about making out with “two chicks at one time” had a great vibe to go along with the material. Leroy Montana must be seen to be believed. Take Dennis Leary, raise him by wolves, and lock him in a barn until he can play guitar. That’s Leroy Montana. The night’s featured artist Mutlu did a great Prince cover along with his G-Loveish originals. He’s so easy to listen to. Heather G did a couple of really interesting songs with her drum machine backing her up. Honestly, there were so many good performers I nearly stayed the whole time. If you weren’t there you missed out on a great night.

I played “I Hope I Die on the Moon” and “All My Dreams are in Cartoon.” If getting in late wasn’t tough enough on my night’s sleep the noise my air conditioner started making certainly was. In the middle of the night I found myself pounding on it before eventually shutting it off. It has since been fixed so I anticipate some uninterrupted sleep tonight.