Vineland Music Festival

Has anyone heard about this?? They seem to be keeping the list of bands a secret, but if it’s any good I might go.? Interestingly enough I’ve had to go to Vineland twice for work this week to the Progresso plant down there.


2 responses to “Vineland Music Festival”

  1. frank n stein Avatar
    frank n stein

    Yes heard about this festival. We live in center city Philly and are very much looking forward to the festival if they can get past the self-centered folks that have started the NARC opponents that are dredging up the Philly/NJ/Delaware eternal fathead cry of NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard). To those folks, I say, find a cause such as homelessness or AIDS and do something useful rather than trying to destroy the arts and culture of life.

  2. Michaelene Avatar

    I’m looking forward to attending the Vineland Music Fest and hope to bring my gal pas and all of our teens.
    Camping with the kids with good rock and roll sounds like a dream come true since we dont want to travel to Lollapalooza or Bonnaroo.
    Hopefully the lineup will be the biggest factor in the costs.
    Just can’t wait for details!