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  • People Wearing My Sunglasses

    My new awesome Tumblr blog: http://peoplewearingmysunglasses.tumblr.com/

  • MustSeeLikeNew!!!

    Jeanne and I are huge craigslist fans and she loves scavenging through the furniture section looking for deals and fixer uppers.? We have two beautiful pieces in our dining room that she’s found that you would swear cost four times what we actually paid for them.? Of course, being in South Jersey, the furniture scene…

  • Free Radio

    Most trends are easy to spot in hindsight, so now it definitely seems as though fake-realism has overtaken situational comedy as shown on the Office, Colbert, Ali-G, etc. The latest in this trend is VH1’s Free Radio, starring Lance Krall and Anna Vocino as a pair of radio talk show DJ’s who take over after…

  • Kyle Kendrick gets punked

    Amazingly, he seemed ok with getting traded!

  • Nice suit

    I found this picture of me the other day.

  • You know what would be awesome?

    If in India they played Sitar Hero.

  • The Sneeze

    I can’t believe I only recently found out about The Sneeze. Yeah, I’d read Steve, Don’t Eat it but it wasn’t until The Face that I started checking out all the back posts. Some of my favorites are: The Great Pizza Orientation Test Global School Yard Rhymes Freaky Franks

  • Merry Christmas

    It’s always fun when your Christmas tree falls over.? I wish I had gotten a picture, but I was a little frustrated. hah.

  • Robot Dracula

    Probably for a robot, the scariest thing isn’t a ghost, because they wouldn’t know what one was. The scariest thing would be Robot Dracula. — Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

  • Check the Roof

    I did something really dumb on Thursday after work. I had a bunch of stuff to take home and it took a while to put it all in the car. I pulled out of the drive way and made a quick left when I heard something fall off the roof of my car. Oh crap.…

  • NFL as Star Wars

    18to88 has a great NFL preview where they map each team to it’s appropriate NFL character. The Eagles get Mace Windu, which isn’t too bad, but they slam Green Bay as Yoda (Green and 800 years old) and Cleveland as the Jawas (small, brown, and always trading for junk). Chicago was my favorite, but you’ll…

  • TV Shows Broken By Time

    As society moves on, some of our beloved television shows can’t move with it. Culture and technology conspire to break sitcom plots every day. Is there any way to fix them? Here are a few examples: My Two Dads Premise: A woman dies leaving her daughter in the dark about who her real father is.…

  • Top Ten Poor Man’s Versions

    Cracked has a great top ten list: The Top Ten Poor Man’s Versions. What other top list includes Go-Bots, Dentyne, and the LA Clippers? #8: The Poor Man’s Vacation Destination The Jersey Shore has actual sand and a real ocean, just like every other vacation destination. But, its sand and ocean just happen to be?unlike…

  • Billboard

    (found via mentalfloss)