Month: June 2008

  • Odd Man In Problems

    Sorry Odd Man In fans, I’ve been having trouble locating the last few bugs from the server upgrade. One or more of my queries are failing because of some new reserved words in mySQL. I should be able to fix it soon, but in the mean time don’t start any of your games. If you…

  • Zoo with Sasha

    We took Sasha to the Philadelphia Zoo last week and she liked it.? I got a great shot of the face plant she did while running around the petting zoo, too. Don’t worry.? She was fine.? She didn’t even cry, but she was filthy afterwards.

  • Macy!

    Congratulations to Julia and Adam on their beautiful daughter, Macy!? She’s doing great.?? Here’s a picture of her and her big sister Michaela.

  • Weezer Night at the Auction House

    Audubon’s Auction House continued on with their Themed Thursdays, where one Thursday of the month is devoted to local musicians playing songs with a common theme. This month it was Weezer, and I hobbled together a cover of Say it Ain’t So. In learning the full song I realized half the lyrics I thought I…

  • Odd Man In Update

    Just a heads up, I’m aware that no private messages are being displayed in Odd Man In.? They’re all still there, but I haven’t figured out yet why they’re not showing up. Update: I found a similar problem on my dad’s site.? I figured out the issue and should be able to resolve it in…

  • Stomach Virus

    A wicked stomach virus ripped through my family this week.? I don’t think I’ve been this sick in years.? Last night was a fun night of throwing up at least 5 times, but Sasha beat me with her outstanding 7 throw ups in 2.5 hours on Wednesday morning.