Stomach Virus

A wicked stomach virus ripped through my family this week.? I don’t think I’ve been this sick in years.? Last night was a fun night of throwing up at least 5 times, but Sasha beat me with her outstanding 7 throw ups in 2.5 hours on Wednesday morning.


2 responses to “Stomach Virus”

  1. Angela Avatar

    Our family is on vacation in Ocean City MD, our 6 year old got this virus first, threw up 4 times each day for 2 days and is still feeling badly, now my husband became sick this eveing and has thrown up 5 times in 2 hours. I am hoping that our 5 month old and 4 year old and myself escape it.

  2. good luck. If it’s the same thing we had it is super contagious. Out of my family and my sister in law’s family, 5/6 of us got it.