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  • Sasha and the Phillie Phanatic

    This is one of my all time favorite photos now. The Phillie Phanatic came by during the Collingswood Christmas parade.

  • Santa’s Lap 2009

    I’m too lazy to scan this in, so this is what they’re talking about when they talked about the good enough revolution. I just took a picture of a picture with my phone.?The picture itself is super cute, though. Kristin also made a super cute robot quilt for Owen. Check it out.

  • Into the Black

    I took this great picture of Sasha a few weeks ago.? She loves to sit and look out the window to find squirrels.

  • Zoo with Sasha

    We took Sasha to the Philadelphia Zoo last week and she liked it.? I got a great shot of the face plant she did while running around the petting zoo, too. Don’t worry.? She was fine.? She didn’t even cry, but she was filthy afterwards.

  • Stomach Virus

    A wicked stomach virus ripped through my family this week.? I don’t think I’ve been this sick in years.? Last night was a fun night of throwing up at least 5 times, but Sasha beat me with her outstanding 7 throw ups in 2.5 hours on Wednesday morning.

  • First Birthday

    Guess who’s turning one today!

  • College 529 Plan

    I set up a 529 College savings plan for Sasha. For those of you who don’t know what a 529 is, it allows us to save money for her college expenses (books, tuition, travel, etc.) without being taxed on the interest gained. Each state has their own plan, but you can use any state’s plan.…