Studio Luloo benefit show on April 5th

I’ll be playing as part of the singer-songwriter kickoff to the Studio Luloo benefit show on April 5th!? It’s in support of the space itself to try and keep the doors open.? Also there will be a ridiculous number of performers including Johnny Miles, yearlongday, Brian Mullins, John Shaughnessy, Rob Whitekettle, Sara O’Brien, Steve Goldstein, Stacey Brown, Bevin Caulfield, Adrien Reju(!), Don McCloskey, Ben Arnold, Soul Peace, and Smash Palace.

Here’s a link to the flyer.

Studio Luloo is a great local music venue, so come on out and support it.

I’ll also be playing at the Audubon Auction House’s on March 27th, but only for one song.? They’re having a Beatles cover night and I’m playing I’m So Tired.

Did some more recording today

I recorded 99% and All My Dreams are in Cartoon today and got halfway decent mixes of them finished.? I think they need a little more work, but so far they’re pretty good.? I’ll probably post a rough mix tomorrow if I can get all the volume levels set properly to match with the other tracks.

Also, I’m never going to make another post with myspace in the title.? I’ve gotten hundreds of spam attempts on that post since I put it up there.

Top Ten Programming Languages

I’m currently learning Ruby on Rails, and since Ruby is a new language for me I got to thinking what my favorite programming languages are…

10.? Assembly
9.? ASP / vbscript
8.? JavaScript
7.? Visual Basic
6.? C
5.? C++
4.? SQL
3.? PHP
2.? Java
1.? perl

Honestly, the more I program in any language the more I like perl.

Free Radio

Most trends are easy to spot in hindsight, so now it definitely seems as though fake-realism has overtaken situational comedy as shown on the Office, Colbert, Ali-G, etc. The latest in this trend is VH1’s Free Radio, starring Lance Krall and Anna Vocino as a pair of radio talk show DJ’s who take over after their star morning jock leaves unexpectedly for satellite radio. Lance, previously the station’s intern, has no idea what he’s doing but in the world of amateur success we live in today the show becomes a hit.

Lance Krall from Free Radio

Free Radio seems like an Ali-G style interview show, but in this case all the celebrities are in on the jokes. Still, I think it works despite missing the humiliation factor. What’s really funny are the questions that Lance decides (or doesn’t decide) to ask. I loved when he asked what the big deal was about “Ugly Betty” since there has always been shows with ugly stars, such as Roseanne or the Golden Girls.

Here’s the trailer: