Top Ten Programming Languages

I’m currently learning Ruby on Rails, and since Ruby is a new language for me I got to thinking what my favorite programming languages are…

10.? Assembly
9.? ASP / vbscript
8.? JavaScript
7.? Visual Basic
6.? C
5.? C++
4.? SQL
3.? PHP
2.? Java
1.? perl

Honestly, the more I program in any language the more I like perl.


One response to “Top Ten Programming Languages”

  1. nice list.

    I want to learn a new programming language but i dunno which to choose. I dont wanna learn one and by the time im finished its outdated

    I want to learn one thats not gonna go anywhere for ten years or one that is new but is turning heads and will be the next big thing 2 years down the road. Just like what google maps did for ajax.

    currently im leaning towards php as it so beautifully written and many huge companies use it (wordpress, joomla etc)