Month: March 2006

  • N64

    I’ll cool it with the YouTube posts for a while, but this is hilarious. This kid is super excited about getting a Nintendo 64 for Christmas.

  • Cutie Theater

    Cutie Theater is the story of my nieces’ imaginary friends, the cuties, and the evil robots that try to eat them. Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Trailer for Episodes 5 and 6 Episode 5

  • Cutie Theater

    Cutie Theater is the story my neices imaginary friends, the cuties, and the evil robots that try to eat them. Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4

  • Cutie Theater on YouTube

    Want to post Cutie Theater on your website? I put the first episode up on YouTube. Update: You can now watch all four episodes here.

  • Never There

    Fans of Cutie Theater should appreciate this.

  • Tribes/Teams in Odd Man In

    Some people on the forum noticed I have a test game running for Odd Man In that includes tribes. Putting players together in groups is the next step for Odd Man In and here is what I wrote in the forums. The way it currently works is as follows: Group assignments are given out randomly…

  • Lesson Learned

    There isn’t a faster way to learn not to stick your fingers through a car window than getting your finger crunched in the power windows, which happened to me over the weekend. Ouch. It looks fine, but it’s still numb. Is that bad? Maybe I need one of these. I picked up Wolf Parade’s Apologies…

  • A-OK

    If you’ve ever used Flickr you’ll get a kick out of this video by Jonathan Coulton. He wrote a song to go along with a bunch of flickr photos. Via Stereogum

  • Jim Thome’s House

    Anyone want to buy Jim Thome’s house? It’s only 4.25 mil. via 700 Level

  • New Built to Spill

    Found this on stereogum this morning. Built to Spill – Conventional Wisdom (mov) Built to Spill – Conventional Wisdom (win) So far the songs I’ve heard from the new album sound great. I ordered two CDs (Wolf Parade and Andrew Bird) from mars-red a little while ago and they haven’t called me to say they…

  • Internet Explorer Sucks

    I frequently checked out this site in Internet Explorer while redesigning it, but I guess I must not have tested enough. I just looked at it and it looks like poop in IE. Update: I fixed it (mostly)

  • Know Any Mechanical Engineers?

    If anyone knows any Mechanical Engineers looking for work in the South Jersey area, let me know, especially if they have used Solidworks. We’re also looking for Mechanical Engineering students if possible.

  • Open Letter to Craisins

    Dear Craisins, I think we first met at a Saladworks. I ordered a Mandarin Chicken salad and there you were. I thought to myself, “Wow, what kind of raisins are these?” Back then I didn’t even know your name, but since then we’ve both grown up a little bit. I thank the fine people at…

  • Twin Peaks

    Did Twin Peaks drag on for too long without any resolution? Was the worthwhile portion of the show over once Laura Palmer’s murder was solved? What the hell was up with the dancing dwarf? These are the questions you may ask yourself after watching 29 episodes of the early 90’s TV hit, Twin Peaks, and…

  • New Site Design

    What do you guys think of the new site layout? I previewed it a few weeks ago, but now it’s the default theme. The big change is the fixed width layout. It took me a while to get Odd Man In working properly with it. In fact, Odd Man In almost has it’s own entire…

  • Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

    Ever wondered what would happen if every superhero and villain fought each other in a huge ultimate showdown? Wonder no more.