New Site Design

What do you guys think of the new site layout? I previewed it a few weeks ago, but now it’s the default theme. The big change is the fixed width layout.

It took me a while to get Odd Man In working properly with it. In fact, Odd Man In almost has it’s own entire style sheet. Let me know if you see any bugs or things that look out of place.

Also, ANONYMOUS COMMENTS ARE BACK! All you have to do is solve a simple math problem and anonymous users can make posts.

If anyone is wondering about the new picture, it’s a reflected picture of me in Chicago’s Cloud Gate.


5 responses to “New Site Design”

  1. BridgetB Avatar

    Wow, that was a surprise, I like it. Looks good.

  2. Thanks.

  3.  Avatar

    Well, i think its a lot more confusing. The login screen, being the first thing the eye notices, is somewhat alarming – making me feel like you need to login before reading anything. I like the old look better, it was more of a “full web site”. This is more of a run-o-the-mill blog and hard to find links.

  4. Thanks for the feedback. I think it’s more confusing only if you’re used to the other layout. The other one was overloaded with links and more confusing to new users.

    Which links were you looking for in particular? Odd Man In?

  5. Yeah. Like I said before, nice.