Twin Peaks

Did Twin Peaks drag on for too long without any resolution? Was the worthwhile portion of the show over once Laura Palmer’s murder was solved? What the hell was up with the dancing dwarf? These are the questions you may ask yourself after watching 29 episodes of the early 90’s TV hit, Twin Peaks, and it’s film prequel, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me.

I’ve been a David Lynch fan ever since Mulholland Dr. and I rented the first season of Twin Peaks on DVD. The show starts with the murder of Laura Palmer, the popular high school prom queen. Similarities to other murders prompt the FBI to bring in Special Agent Dale Cooper who uncovers Laura’s connection to the Twin Peaks underworld.

Spoilers follow if you haven’t watched the show and Fire Walk with Me, but the short review is that I love the show despite some boring plot lines in the second season and the fact that they never made a third. Also, the second season isn’t available on DVD yet so you might want to hold off watching the first season.It’s criminal to release the first season of Twin Peaks on DVD without the 2nd season. They should have at least released the first seven or eight episodes where Laura’s murder is “solved.”

I read that David Lynch never wanted to solve her murder was pressured into it by the TV execs. He wanted the show to focus more on the underlying forces in Twin Peaks.

Fire Walk with Me was awesome, but it’s 100 times darker than the show. None of the humor or small town hokeyness (is that a word) was there.

I’ve been thinking and reading a ton on what everything means and what happened at the end of the second season and Fire Walk with Me. It seems to me that the end of Fire Walk with Me takes place after the third season of Twin Peaks where Cooper is able to somehow save Laura and send her to the White Lodge. Did he face his shadow self with “imperfect courage” and is that why Bob took over his body at the end? That seems like the most likely scenario to me.

I still don’t know who the hell David Bowie’s character was in Fire Walk with Me or how Theresa Banks got the ring.

Overall, the show is amazing and I don’t think there will be anything else like it on TV ever. I’m currently watching Lost and I see elements of TP, but no one has the guts to go where Lynch goes.