Internet Explorer Sucks

I frequently checked out this site in Internet Explorer while redesigning it, but I guess I must not have tested enough. I just looked at it and it looks like poop in IE.

Update: I fixed it (mostly)


2 responses to “Internet Explorer Sucks”

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    IE holds over 80% of the browser market. 🙂
    Especially, with Vista and IE 7 on the horizon. Back to the good ol’ days of worrying what a web site looks like in 3 different browsers.

  2. I fixed most of the things that look difference except the unordered list marker on the right column. In firefox (and probably opera) it shows ? for the marker. IE doesn’t allow you to change that marker to whatever you want unless you use an image.

    One way to get around it is that IE doesn’t recognize single line comments in the style sheet. So something like this would look different in each browser.

    border: 1px solid black;
    //border: 10px solid red;

    It would show a 1px black border in Firefox and a 10px red border in IE.

    FYI, about 57% of the people visiting this site use IE. Most of the rest use a Mozilla based browser.