Tribes/Teams in Odd Man In

Some people on the forum noticed I have a test game running for Odd Man In that includes tribes. Putting players together in groups is the next step for Odd Man In and here is what I wrote in the forums.

The way it currently works is as follows:

Group assignments are given out randomly at the start of the game. The team names are also chosen at random from a script I wrote. As the game progresses there may or not be a merge where the teams become a single group. If there is a merge, the host can select when it will occur (ie when x number of players are left) or make it a hidden random number.

In the begining there will be two group games: Tribes and Teams. In teams you’ll only be able to shoot someone on another team. In tribes you’ll only be able to shoot people in your own tribe. Later we’ll have Squads and Squibes, which are just like Tribes and Teams but there are four groups.

For the first part, kill types will work exactly the same. For example, plurality games will result in the death of the person with the most shots in the whole game and not in each group.

I’m not finished the coding or testing for it yet, but I should be done soon.


3 responses to “Tribes/Teams in Odd Man In”

  1. DrScottJMD Avatar

    That is the most exciting thing ever. Great work, ben.

  2.  Avatar

    Sounds like a twist “Survivor” hasn’t thought of…..yet.

  3. Wow. This is going to be cool.