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  • My low cost e-commerce stack

    Since I launched Dungeon Adventure, an RPG for kids, a few weeks ago a lot of people have asked me how exactly I’m selling it. It’s for sale as a digital download and print out board game, or “floor top RPG” as Phil Nelson called it. Here’s how it works: I have a hosting account…

  • The Sneeze

    I can’t believe I only recently found out about The Sneeze. Yeah, I’d read Steve, Don’t Eat it but it wasn’t until The Face that I started checking out all the back posts. Some of my favorites are: The Great Pizza Orientation Test Global School Yard Rhymes Freaky Franks

  • Newspapers feeling the heat from craigslist

    Most people know I’m a huge craigslist fan and I’ve bought and sold a few thousand dollars worth of stuff through it. I’ve always wondered about how much it has impacted newspapers and whether they’d start to print negative stories about it to make it seem unsafe or seedy. As long as you do everything…

  • New version of WordPress

    I upgraded my wordpress installation yesterday and the primary difference is the addition of tagging posts, hense my tag cloud on the right. I’ve only been able to tag my last 30 posts or so (1100 will take me a while!) and I haven’t tagged any of the video ones due to a bug with…

  • Wayback Machine

    I’ve posted this before, but man you have to love the Wayback Machine at archive.org. You can go back and view almost anything on the web from the past. bengarvey.com August, 2002 One of my first web pages in 1999 Some more… Retro Google BoingBoing circa 1998 A site I designed in 2000

  • Odd Man In messages

    Odd Man In has been around for almost three years now and in that time 226,337 messages have been sent back and forth between players. That’s hard to believe.

  • Fixed Odd Man In problems on the new site

    I thought I had everything figured out when I went live with the new WordPress powered blog, but it turns out that everything in PostNuke gets routed through the index.php file. I was able to work around it, so all the problems with Odd Man In and everything else should be fixed. Let me know…

  • New Site Design

    Lke it? Hate it? Odd Man In should work fine now, so let me know if there are additional problems.

  • Facebook v. MySpace

    A few months ago Facebook opened their site up to anyone and I signed up, but didn’t do much with it. Since then a few of my friends have added me and I’ve been messing around with it a lot more. It’s so much better designed than myspace it’s scary. Myspace has to be the…

  • Google Personalized Home Page

    I really love Google’s personalized home page. Log in and you can add various little widgets to your home page like a To Do list, calendar, wikipedia search, weather, etc. Check out this screen cap of my page: