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  • Philadelphia and Tampa Bay: A Odd Rivalry

    Could the 2008 World Series cement an already budding rivalry between the cities of Philadelphia and Tampa Bay? These places couldn’t be more different, but for some reason their paths have crossed. Granted, the Rays play in St Petersburg and the Buccaneer’s play in Tampa, but we’ll ignore that inconvenient fact. Facts: Philadelphia:? The City…

  • Go Phillies

    I still can’t believe the Phillies are in the World Series. ? One thing that is kind of funny, my traffic spikes every time Cole pitches because of this article I wrote in 07. ?I guess there are a lot of Cole and Heidi Hamels fans out there.

  • Phillies Go Up 3-1

    The Phillies are one game away from the World Series. ?Who is ready to tear down William Penn’s statue and put up Shane Victorino?

  • Kyle Kendrick gets punked

    Amazingly, he seemed ok with getting traded!

  • Phils Can’t Get it Done

    Well, looks like the Phillies are now down 0-2 in the playoffs against the Rockies. It’s hard to come back from that in a five game series, but it would be nice to see them take at least one of the games in Colorado. In other news, this was a really nice gesture by the…

  • Phillies Win the NL East

    It’s been 14 long years since my freshman year of high school when the Phillies made the playoffs and eventually made it to the world series. I was a big baseball fan then, but the 1994 baseball strike and a string of absolutely horrendous records made yardwork look like a more exciting hobby. Baseball nearly…

  • Phillies Win, Mets Continue to Lose

    Wow. It must suck to be a Mets fan right now. The NL East is all tied up now.

  • Is This Thing On?

    The Tease I mean. Ouch: I shouldn’t be surprised the Phillies won’t be making the playoffs this year, but I always am. I’ve never seen a Phillies team hit this well, but it still won’t make up for bad pitching. The only starters I’d like to see back next year are Hamels and Kendrick. Myers…

  • Phils Sweep Mets

    The Phillies took the Mets down four games in a row! Pat Burrel with two home runs? As someone I work with said today, the tease is on.   You have to like Kevin Kernan’s article in the NY Daily News a few days ago. (found via 700 Level) August 26, 2007 — MEMO to…