Phils Sweep Mets

The Phillies took the Mets down four games in a row! Pat Burrel with two home runs? As someone I work with said today, the tease is on.


Phils Sweep Mets

You have to like Kevin Kernan’s article in the NY Daily News a few days ago. (found via 700 Level)

August 26, 2007 — MEMO to Jimmy Rollins: The best team won.

Yes, it’s still the dog days of August and the Mets have to travel to beautiful Philadelphia tomorrow, but the NL East race is over. Though the Yankees are fighting for their playoff souls, the Mets are merrily on their way to another October.

This really wasn’t much of a race.



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  1. i was trying to get out of work early on thursday to catch the 1:00 game but we had a luncheon that went long. in retrospect, i don’t know if i would have made it to the end without blowing a gasket.

    on a related phils/mets note, check my myspace blog for an entry called “how aaron rowand kept me from getting my face rearranged”