Is This Thing On?

The Tease I mean. Ouch:
NL East Standings

I shouldn’t be surprised the Phillies won’t be making the playoffs this year, but I always am. I’ve never seen a Phillies team hit this well, but it still won’t make up for bad pitching. The only starters I’d like to see back next year are Hamels and Kendrick. Myers isn’t bad, but I couldn’t care less if they unloaded that dirt bag.

Utley, Burrel, and Howard are all having good years, but everyone seems to be getting on the Rollins4MVP bandwagon. From

Rollins entered yesterday on pace to have 210 hits, 141 runs, 40 doubles, 19 triples, 30 home runs, 93 RBIs and 33 stolen bases.

Just seven players in baseball history have hit .290 with 200 hits, 125 runs, 35 doubles, 15 triples, 25 home runs and 90 RBIs in a season: Earl Averill (1936), Joe DiMaggio (1936 and 1937), Lou Gehrig (1927 and 1930), Chuck Klein (1932), Stan Musial (1948), Babe Ruth (1921) and Al Simmons (1930).

Each of those seven resides in the Hall of Fame.


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  1. Joseph Pimentel Avatar
    Joseph Pimentel


    First off, when the heck did you become a Phillies fan? hahahhahah
    Second, why is there no mention of your debate prowess in your bio?
    Third, I’m glad you’re still pursuing your music career =)
    Fourth, let’s play some scrabble buddy lol


  2. Fifth, I think you have me mixed up with another Ben Garvey.