Month: October 2007

  • Genarlow Wilson is free

    Here’s proof that eventually the system gets it right. Genarlow had to spend three years in jail for something 99% of the country wouldn’t consider a crime, but at least he’s out now.

  • 29 Today


  • Open House at the Auction House

    I heard about a new music venue opening up in the Auction House on Merchant St in Audubon tonight, so I decided to check it out. They had a nice wine, coffee, cheese, and fruit spread out for people and a fun night of music. I must have missed John Shaughnessy’s set by a few…

  • Great Word

    This is an awesome word: Grandiloquent – Characterized by language that is elevated and sometimes pompous in style:

  • Robot Dracula

    Probably for a robot, the scariest thing isn’t a ghost, because they wouldn’t know what one was. The scariest thing would be Robot Dracula. — Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

  • Infinity Rx Vial Accumulator 3D pic

    Here’s a screenshot of the 3D model version of the new vial accumulator I mentioned a few days ago. The only thing it doesn’t show is the conveyor chain. Compare:

  • Newspapers feeling the heat from craigslist

    Most people know I’m a huge craigslist fan and I’ve bought and sold a few thousand dollars worth of stuff through it. I’ve always wondered about how much it has impacted newspapers and whether they’d start to print negative stories about it to make it seem unsafe or seedy. As long as you do everything…

  • Inland Empire (Again)

    I watched Inland Empire again last night before sending it back to Netflix.? I think it’s easy to write it off as a random conglomeration of scenes, especially because David Lynch claims he didn’t use a script and filmed it as he went, but then I look at someone like Jackson Pollack who always claimed…

  • New version of WordPress

    I upgraded my wordpress installation yesterday and the primary difference is the addition of tagging posts, hense my tag cloud on the right. I’ve only been able to tag my last 30 posts or so (1100 will take me a while!) and I haven’t tagged any of the video ones due to a bug with…

  • What I do

    I don’t make too many work posts, but here is a quick explanation of what I do every day. I’m the Engineering manager for Garvey Corporation, a company started in 1926 by my great grandfather, Gordon Garvey. We make product handling equipment for high speed packagers in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and consumer products industries.…