Month: February 2007

  • Billboard

    (found via mentalfloss)

  • Selling Furniture

    Anyone interested in this furniture I’m selling on craigslist? Apple Green Couch – $200 Glass Top Dining Table from Crate and Barrel – $90

  • College 529 Plan

    I set up a 529 College savings plan for Sasha. For those of you who don’t know what a 529 is, it allows us to save money for her college expenses (books, tuition, travel, etc.) without being taxed on the interest gained. Each state has their own plan, but you can use any state’s plan.…

  • RIP Airport Express

    Just a few weeks ago my beloved Airport Express just up and died. The light won’t turn on at all when I plug it in. I tried to take it to the apple store to see if I could get it fixed, but I didn’t know I needed an appointment. I’ll still try and get…

  • Arcade Fire on SNL

    Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office) hosted a lackluster episode of SNL last night, but Arcade Fire rocked in all their surprising guitar smashing glory. Supposedly the band played an impromptu concert for the live audience after the credits rolled.Want to to know why Arcade Fire ran off the stage during the closing credits of…

  • Moon

    Sometimes I think we got ripped off by only having one moon.

  • Babbling Sasha

  • Happy Valentine’s Day

    Happy Valentine’s Day to Jeanne and Sasha. They surprised with some great pictures this morning!

  • Sloths!

    This was the very last skit on SNL the other night and it’s fantastic.

  • New email address

    Just to let everyone know, I’m switching my email address to Please remove my comcast address from your address books. Thanks.