Tag: Doh

  • Twitter Updates invading

    Hah.? I screwed something up with my twitter account and once I fixed it, it went back and created posts here for every day since then.

  • Happy Days

    When I was a kid and watched Happy Days, I honestly didn’t realize it was a retro-show. I thought it was filmed in the 50s and reflected the times. That makes me feel somewhat moronic.

  • Check the Roof

    I did something really dumb on Thursday after work. I had a bunch of stuff to take home and it took a while to put it all in the car. I pulled out of the drive way and made a quick left when I heard something fall off the roof of my car. Oh crap.…

  • Odd Man In

    As most of the OMI players know, things with the game have been pretty screwy lately. This is because of my computer being out of commission and my (semi) automatic way of making sure the shots go through. Well, it looks like my host now supports cron which is great news for OMI players. I…

  • Haircuts Suck

    I only wanted to take about a half inch off the top and just clean it up around my ears. The guy from Ed’s barber shop in Collingswood must have thought I said “leave about a half inch.” My girlfriend likes it, but it’s a little shorter than I wanted it to be. The Tortilla…