Blogging on Medium

I wrote a few blog posts for work using Medium and they were pretty good.

Use an Updated-At Column in Your MySQL Table (and make it update automatically)

Multidimensional Engineering Management

The latter even included my first published D3 block!

Medium is an interesting blogging tool. Sometimes I love the UI and sometimes I find it frustrating. The sparse UI reduces cognitive load and allows you to focus on writing, which feels great, but there were times when I just wanted to be able to type some html and it fought me on it. I settled for pasting it in from another site.

I don’t think I’ll continue doing it for any personal blogging. I want to own my own long form content and I think it’s important to keep your work in a place that won’t get shut down on a whim when the VC money runs out or if the parent company closes the door.


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