Month: October 2011

  • Creating a comma separated list

    For years, whenever I have to create a comma separated list from an array I have been writing code that looks vaguely like this. $first = true; foreach($arr as $m) { if ($first) { $first = false; } else { echo “,”; } echo $m; } I’ve had it. There has to be a cleaner…

  • Pwning Complete

    I can put the AK back on the shelf now. Previously: 37 Signals Sent Me a Gift for Pwning their Leaderboard

  • Spam as Spoken Word Poetry

    This spam I got today on our lead generation form could easily pass for spoken word poetry at an open mic night. He ran another invisible priest eyes in the sneakers from the shorts with sky – arms, sardonic cigarettes and outward clinch’s, and he a was almost stiffly of area, finally just for moment. Like i…