Genius of it All recording

I rerecorded a new version of the Genius of it All. After years and years of looking for the right drum beat, I finally gave up and decided to change the rhythm instead and see what happens.

Let me know what you think?

The Genius of it All (new version)

old version for comparison

One interesting fact… the best setting for my voice in garage band is “Female R&B Vocals”

Chili post

Doh, I am making a batch of my chili today and clicked on the link on the right to make the shopping list. The link was broken! It has since been fixed.

I also noticed I had 6 Tbsp of garlic, which I think must be a typo.? That would mean 36 cloves of garlic!? There’s no way I put in that much, so I lowered it to 2 Tbsp which is about 12 cloves of garlic.? I’m guessing I thought 1 clove of garlic equaled 1/2 of a table spoon, but in fact it’s 1/2 of a teaspoon.

If you’re a chili fan, you’ll definitely want to try the recipe out some day.

Vineland Music Festival delayed until 2009

Well, with no lineup announced I’m not that surprised that it has been delayed.

Vineland, originally scheduled for August 8-10 in Vineland, N.J., has been moved to early summer 2009. Producers C3 Presents and Festival Republic made the change in response to the heavy festival traffic in the Northeast and major bands’ tours of the area at the same time.

Recently, Coachella producers Goldenvoice/AEG Live announced the inaugural All Points West festival for the same weekend as Vineland at Liberty State Park, just across from lower Manhattan in New Jersey, and another large Northeastern festival is also believed to be targeting August 8-10.

mars-red Closing!

I was extremely disappointed to see this in my inbox today. mars-red is a great store and Scott put a lot of effort into it. The two gigs I played there were a lot of fun and it’s a shame to see they couldn’t make it work. Also, I have a $25 gift card I haven’t spent yet!


To get right to the point, after four years we have decided to close our doors. Saturday, March 15th will be marsREDmusic’s last day of business. I bring you this news with much regret and I must admit, a little bit of relief. It has really been tough this past year to keep things going as business has been on the decline. The world of music retail has become quite cutthroat, which makes it extremely tough for a store our size who relies solely on record sales, to compete. I could rant for hours about the music industry, CD prices, file sharing, so on & so forth, but I’m sure you’ve got a pretty good idea what’s going on out there so I won’t bore you with the details. To quickly summarize: after doing this for close to 15 years, I’m ready to move on.

I want to thank each & every one of you for helping us make it this far. We had a good run, it’s been a pleasure serving you and I hope you all appreciated that we tried to do.

Once again, our last day is March 15th so I hope you’ll stop in to say farewell, and whatever inventory is left will be upwards of 75% off.

In the meantime, our clearance sale will be starting on Monday, February 11th with 10% off everything in stock. We will still be offering special orders on a limited basis thru February so if there’s anything you need to grab before we take off, just let us know.

Our new store hours as of Febuary 11th will be M-F: 11- 6, Sat:10-6 and Sun: 12-5.

Thanks again & take care.
Scott Wellborn, Owner Mars Red LLC

iRead giving me the business

It’s bad enough that Jeanne has been getting on me for how long it’s taking me to read A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving, but now the facebook app iRead is, too!

Dear Ben,
We noticed that you have marked as ?Reading It? on Books iRead. Are you still working on it? We wanted to send you a reminder, just in case you finished reading the book but forgot to mark it on iRead.

You Can,

Mark Prayer for Owen Meany as Read It. You will be able to rate and review the book on this page.

Get personalized recommendations for new and interesting books to read.

Add a new book to your bookshelf.

Find a new book.

Books iRead makes it really easy for you to organize your bookshelf and show off your reads to your friends.
The Books iRead Team