Genius of it All recording

I rerecorded a new version of the Genius of it All. After years and years of looking for the right drum beat, I finally gave up and decided to change the rhythm instead and see what happens.

Let me know what you think?

The Genius of it All (new version)

old version for comparison

One interesting fact… the best setting for my voice in garage band is “Female R&B Vocals”


2 responses to “Genius of it All recording”

  1. washizu,
    do you have any interest in playing a game of rise of rome every so often? i’m trying to track down some of the people i used to play with many many years ago for some nostalgic strategery. the computer AI just can’t cut it anymore. let me know if you’re interested. you can reach me at what are you up to these days anyway?

  2. Hah. I’d have to find the discs to install it. Good to hear from you.