Open Mic @ Studio LuLoo

John Shaughnessy suggested I check out the open mic at Studio Luloo so last Tuesday I did. Singer/songwriter/fire escaper Sara O’Brien owns the studio and she’s making a great effort in turning it into a successful business. She holds music events at night and other times has art classes and workshops for kids. I can imagine how difficult it must be to keep a place like that open, but I have to say my first experience there was a blast. My daughter has taken a high priority in my life and my knowledge of the local music scene isn’t what it was, but I didn’t expect to see so many talented performers I’d never heard before. I knew some of the artists, but only two or three. A woman recited The Raven from memory, hip hop artists spun records and rhymed, and a slew of songwriters played to a crowd of about 25.


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  1. Told ya we have a party, man.
    See ya next time.