Studio Luloo benefit show on April 5th

I’ll be playing as part of the singer-songwriter kickoff to the Studio Luloo benefit show on April 5th!? It’s in support of the space itself to try and keep the doors open.? Also there will be a ridiculous number of performers including Johnny Miles, yearlongday, Brian Mullins, John Shaughnessy, Rob Whitekettle, Sara O’Brien, Steve Goldstein, Stacey Brown, Bevin Caulfield, Adrien Reju(!), Don McCloskey, Ben Arnold, Soul Peace, and Smash Palace.

Here’s a link to the flyer.

Studio Luloo is a great local music venue, so come on out and support it.

I’ll also be playing at the Audubon Auction House’s on March 27th, but only for one song.? They’re having a Beatles cover night and I’m playing I’m So Tired.

Open Mic @ Studio LuLoo

John Shaughnessy suggested I check out the open mic at Studio Luloo so last Tuesday I did. Singer/songwriter/fire escaper Sara O’Brien owns the studio and she’s making a great effort in turning it into a successful business. She holds music events at night and other times has art classes and workshops for kids. I can imagine how difficult it must be to keep a place like that open, but I have to say my first experience there was a blast. My daughter has taken a high priority in my life and my knowledge of the local music scene isn’t what it was, but I didn’t expect to see so many talented performers I’d never heard before. I knew some of the artists, but only two or three. A woman recited The Raven from memory, hip hop artists spun records and rhymed, and a slew of songwriters played to a crowd of about 25.