Treehouse Coffee Shop for Sale

Wow, I was surprised to see this today.

Hey everyone,
This is the third bulletin that I have sent out about this. I want to make you all aware that Tina and I know that the Lord has called us to sell the shop. He has told us that our season here is over. I will be attending seminary in the fall. It will take me three years to get my Masters of Divinity, but at that point I will be able to be a pastor. Tina will be heading back to engineering after a few months home with the baby. Thank you for all of your support. If you are interested in buying or might know someone that is, please give us a call or message me. Our number is 856-906-3494. Thanks again.
Peace and love to you all,

The Treehouse was a labor of love for Tina and Randy and it’s sad to see they weren’t able to swing it into a permanent job for them. I can’t imagine how tough it would be to keep a coffee shop open. Maybe Grooveground would consider moving to the better location.

Anyone interested in buying it?


2 responses to “Treehouse Coffee Shop for Sale”

  1. Caitlin Myers Avatar
    Caitlin Myers

    Dear Randy and Tina-

    Hi, my name is Caitlin Myers and my business partners name is Cailun Stewart. We regularly visited your establishment while living in Collingswood and truly enjoyed it’s charming atmosphere.

    Over the past year Cailun and I have found a strong desire to open a coffee house with a family friendly, welcoming atmosphere much like your current establishment. We have developed a fabulous business plan and been blessed with investors to fund the plan. The last piece we have to complete in trying to open a coffee house is our location. Naturally we would love to open our business locally since these surrounding towns have been a home to the two of us our entire lives. Cailun and I recently found another location located on Haddon Avenue as well but we have been reluctant to pursue the location because it was not quite what we had invisioned.

    Luckily, a friend and local coffee shop/bakery owner, Vanessa of Gerhard’s in Haddonfield informed us of the new path you have been chosen to embark on and the recent decision you have made to sell your business. We found this to be a sign that we could not pass by, and that leads me to my reason for replying to you in this message.

    We are very interested in purchasing your business and continuing to run it as a coffee house. We would greatly appreciate it if you would contact either one of us through e-mail; it is an easier way for us to keep in contact more efficiently at the time being.

    We are eagerly awaiting your reply!

    Caitlin Myers

  2. Mary Servia Avatar
    Mary Servia

    HI-I just ran across your page. I am looking for coffee house equipment and fixtures. I want to open a coffee shop. I have my own building. I’m located in the UP of Michigan, so I would have to travel to come and see the equipment. Please let me know if you already sold this. Thank you. My telephone number is (906) 224-1164. Mary Servia